Connie Pattern Hack: Culotte Jumpsuit With Peplum

Eryn Shields Floral Jumper Tutorial5.jpg

You can find my original post with outfit pictures here.

With a few simple tweaks and customizations, you can create a fun and comfortable jumpsuit that will be perfect all year around!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add a fun and flirty peplum and shoulder straps to the bodice of our Connie Pattern.

For more pics of this finished look, visit the Style Sew Me blog.

The skill level is beginner/intermediate for this project. You can create this project start to finish in approximately 4-5 hours depending on your fitting adjustments needs.

You will need two sewing patterns for this tutorial:
All bodice pieces from Style Sew Me Patterns Connie dress and the pant from McCalls 7608 View B.

16-22 inch invisible zipper
1/2 yard lining fabric
2 3/4 - 3 yards fabric
24-30 inches boning
Flexible tape measure
Ruler (optional)
Fabric marking tool

Construction Instructions:

**NOTE: The two patterns we will use in this tutorial have different seam allowance. Style Sew Me Patterns uses 1/2 inch seam allowance. McCalls patterns use 5/8 inch seam allowance. Additional pieces we will create will use 1/2 inch seam allowance. It will all come together properly at the end.

1. Layout fabric with the fold facing you and selvedges (finished edges along the length of the fabric) are away from you.

2. Place all pattern pieces on the fabric according to their directions.

3. Cut all bodice pieces from Style Sew Me Connie Dress pattern.

4. Cut pant front and back from McCalls 7608 view B.

5. Measure for shoulder straps. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from the top of your bust at underarm level, over your shoulder to the bottom of your shoulder blade. Add 1 inch to that measurement and write it down.

Step 05.JPG

6. To cut shoulder straps, draw two rectangles 2 1/2 inches wide by your shoulder measurement using chalk or other fabric safe marking tool.

7. Measure for peplum. Using a flexible measuring tape, measure yourself from one side seam, across your body at upper bust level, to the other side seam. Divide that number by 6.28 and write down your result. This will be referred to as your radius.

Step 07.JPG

8. On your folded fabric, create another fold. You should now have one fold facing you and your selvedges and another fold on the opposite end of the fabric.

Step 08a.JPG
Step 08b.JPG

9. Place your ruler or tape measure at the bottom left corner of your fabric closest to you. Measure the length of your radius and mark with chalk.

10. Rotate your ruler a small amount and continue marking the length of your radius until you have completed that corner of the fabric. Connect your markings to create a solid line.

Step 10.JPG

11. Place your ruler to lay at radius marking you just created. Measure 8 inches from that line and mark just as you have done for your radius.

Step 11.JPG

12. Using fabric scissors, cut out your fabric on those two lines. You will have to pieces of folded fabric.

Step 12.JPG

13. To sew your shoulder straps, place two strips of fabric with right sides facing. Stitch along both lengths using 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 13.JPG

14. Trim seam allowance on shoulder straps.

Step 14.JPG

15. Turn shoulder straps right side out and press flat.

Step 15.JPG

16. Unfold both peplum pieces and place them right sides facing.

17. Stitch one end of the peplum using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press seam allowance flat and finish raw edges.

Step 17.JPG

18. Sew a narrow hem around the bottom of the peplum. Fold and press 1/4 inch around the hem. Fold and press another 1/4 inch, then stitch.

Step 18a.JPG
Step 18b.JPG

19. Finish raw edges on open ends of peplum and hem at 1/2 inch. OR sew a narrow hem.

Step 19.JPG

Assemble bodice using 1/2 inch seam allowance according to pattern instruction.

20. Right sides facing, stitch side front to front on bodice. Repeat on remaining side front.

Step 20.JPG

21. Right sides facing, stitch side back to side front on bodice. Repeat on remaining side back.

Step 21.JPG

22. Right sides facing, stitch back to side back. Repeat on remaining side back.

Step 22.JPG

23. Press all seam allowances.

24. Repeat steps 20-22 on lining fabric.

25. To prepare your lining for boning, press your two front princess seams on your bodice towards the side bodice.

26. Cut two strips of boning and casing the length of your princess seam. (We will trim the actual boning in a later step.)

27. Remove the boning from the muslin casing.

28. Lay the casing over the princess seam allowance. Edge stitch the casing to the lining through all layers along both long ends. (Tip: Follow the stitching already on the casing.) Stitch across the bottom of the casing to close one end.

Step 28.JPG

29. Insert the boning back into the casing. Stitch the top end to close the casing. Repeat on remaining boning.

Step 29.JPG

30. Place wrong side of peplum over the right side of bodice, aligning the center front seam of the peplum with the center front neckline of the bodice. You should be seeing the right side of both pieces. Baste together.

Step 30.JPG

31. Center one end of the shoulder straps over the princess seam, but on top of the peplum. Baste together.

Step 31.JPG

32. You have two options on positioning your back straps for your preference. For a wider back opening as pictured on my photos, lay the remaining end of your shoulder strap at the center of the side back piece. For a more narrow back opening, lay the remaining end of your shoulder strap over the side back and center back seam. The same side of the shoulder strap that is stitched to the bodice front should be the same side of the strip stitched to the bodice back. It may appear twisted, but when the bodice is assembled, it will lay flat on your shoulders. Baste in place.

Step 32.JPG

33. Right sides facing, stitch lining to bodice across the top edge. Trim seam allowance.

Assemble pants using 5/8 inch seam allowance according to pattern instruction.

34. Form and stitch pleats in pant front and pant back. Baste pleats in place.

35. Stitch pant front at center front seam. Press seam allowance.

36. On pant back baste center back seam to dot. Change stitch length to normal length. Backstitch and continue sewing to the end. Press seam allowance.

37. Right sides facing, stitch front and back pant together at inseam and side seams. Press seam allowance.

Step 37.JPG

38. Fold bodice lining out of the way.

Step 39.JPG

39. Attach pant to bodice only. Stitch. Press seam allowance towards bodice.

Step 39.JPG

40. With lining still folded up out of the way and right sides facing, baste center pack seam of jumpsuit from top of bodice dot on pant. Press seam allowance flat.

Step 40.JPG

41. Place open zipper face down on seam allowance. Pin zipper tap to seam allowance only. Stitch. Repeat on remaining zipper tape.

Step 41.JPG

42. Remove basting stitch and test zipper.

43. Press up 1/2 inch on lining.

Step 43.JPG

44. Flip lining over bodice with right sides facing and pressed hem folded up. Stitch to zipper. Trim top corner.

45. Turn lining to inside and slip stitch lining to waist seam allowance for a clean finish. Alternatively, you may pin the lining seam allowance to the inside of the jumpsuit and topstitch it in place using a matching thread as this stitching will show on the outside of the jumpsuit.

46. Press up 1 1/4 inch hem on pants. Stitch and press.