DIY Faux Fur Foldover Clutch Tutorial

Faux-Fur-Cheetah-Foldover-Clutch-1.jpg Oh, you didn't think I forgot about my DIY sisters did you??

I've got the tutorial for the Oversized Faux Fur Clutch Bag I posted for sale at my Etsy shop.

I've put together this tutorial explaining exactly how I made this bag, just for my DIY family!

Supplies: 2 - 15" x 18" faux fur 2 - 15" x 18" lining fabric 2 - 12" x 15" heavyweight interfacing 14" zipper Thread 1 - 1.5" x 3" faux leather tab *optional*

When you make your bag, make sure to tag me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so I can see it and share it!

PS - I want to hear from you if you think my tutorials are too long or too short. I tend to be very detailed, but I don't want to lose your attention. Comment and let me know!