Necklines and Necklaces: A Guide

Pairing necklaces and necklines can really give an outfit some pop! This guide is a great accessory (get it!) for your closet!

I found this cool guide on pairing necklaces and necklines (I can't recall where) and I have it hanging in my closet. I was super excited to find this because I used to struggle with pairing the necklines and necklaces in my closet. I would literally have a rack full of necklaces that I couldn't properly pair up with my tops. So, this came right on time!

When I have a top or dress that I plan on wearing a necklace with, I always use this as a guide. And by guide, I mean a suggestion.

For example, I'm not a fan of chokers or short pendants. Never have been. So for the collared shirt, I'll still wear what I think is best for the look I'm going for.

I hope you enjoy this guide. Print it out and stick it in your closet!

What other ways do you pair up necklaces and necklines?

necklines and necklaces

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