Podcast Is Live: Life Unapologetic

Podcast Is Live: Life Unapologetic

Hey, ya'll! The podcast is live! When I asked you in Do You Want More of Me post, you ladies said "hellz yeah!" Well, not exactly, but you ladies were here for it.

I warned you that I do not have a filter. I am a straight-shooting, tough lover. My delivery is not cotton candy and unicorns.

I am not your let's-eat-ice-cream-and-cry-about-our-troubles type of gal. I am your eye-of-the-tiger homegirl that will send you into a job interview for a janitor position and have you feeling like you can own the company.

So, with that being said, I invite you to Life Unapologetic.

If I had to describe this podcast which I did because it took me HOURS to set this stuff up,  I would say that Life Unapologetic is the modern woman's tough-love guide to overcoming fear, insecurities, and procrastination to living an unapologetic life of peace, freedom, and happiness.

There is an About episode on just what to expect from this podcast, and then I actually recorded a podcast.

The first episode came from an unnecessary email I got from someone on Friday and I saw a life lesson in that that I felt I needed to share. It's called When Someone Doesn't Get You, Let Them Go.

(Oh, I cuss a little so if you're at work, wear headphones.)

Do you know those conversations you have with your closest girlfriends, drink in hand, filter removed? Yeah, this will be that.

I've overcome years of insecurities and have found myself as a woman through several phases and trial and error of life. Now that I have been living in peace with myself for several years now, I feel like it's time to share in effort to help someone else.

I am also planning interviews with some phenomenal entrepreneurs and women who I feel are living their lives freely and unapologetic, so I'm super excited to start this podcast. I truly hope that you walk away from it feeling uplifted and motivated.

Where To Listen

You've got several options to listen to the podcast where I tried to make it accessible to this with or without apps. As of now, these are going to be the only places my podcast will be available. If I decide to post it on other platforms, I will definitely update you and let you know!

  1. I've posted a link at the very top of the blog, where you can easily click to get the podcast episodes.  You can listen to all the episodes directly there if you don't have a podcast app. Untitled design (4)
  2. iTunes - You can subscribe to the podcast on Itunes here or you can search iTunes for "Life Unapologetic".
  3. SoundCloud - You can subscribe to the podcast on SoundCloud here of you can search on their site or app for "Life Unapologetic.

I hope that you enjoy!