Sewing Pattern Fundamentals

Sewing Pattern Fundamentals


Sewing Pattern Fundamentals is the fast track program to help you not only save the time and money that I have wasted in my learning process, but to help you zero in on the exact information you need to understand so that you can start shopping for a pattern and sewing your next project quickly.

If you're ready to:

  • ​Determine the right sewing pattern for your skill level
  • Shop smarter when gathering the right supplies for your sewing pattern project
  • Conserve your fabrics by learning the best ways to lay out your fabric for cutting
  • Create stylish and trendy clothing by using pre-designed store bought sewing patterns
  • Learn the language used across the major pattern company sewing patterns
  • Discover how to determine the best fabrics to use for your project and how much you will need
  • Understand how to select the proper sewing pattern size based on the type of item you want to create
  • Begin a sewing pattern project with excitement and confidence, instead of overwhelm and anxiety
  • Finally start creating pieces that you feel proud and confident to wear from your sewing patterns
  • Feel your most confident, stylish, and sexy in clothing you've made especially for you

What You Learn:

  • How to shop for sewing patterns online
  • How to shop for sewing patterns in your local store
  • Choose the correct sewing pattern size the FIRST time – This is SO important because this minimizes any subsequent fitting adjustments and reduces the time you spend on this project
  • How to select the best fabrics for your project
  • Determining how much fabric you will need for your project (and additional considerations that will affect this decision)
  • How to determine all of the additional supplies you’ll need for your project
  • How to read the pattern instructions
  • Deciphering the lines and symbols on your pattern paper (what they mean and why you CAN’T ignore them)

    *Immediately after purchase, you will receive a pdf download with class access information.*

    *Note: If you are enrolled in Stylish Sewing for Beginners, this mini course is included.

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